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After an enlightening visit to the psysio-therapist today, I’ve decided to start a new fitness regime. I had planned to run the Great North Run, but have now been told that I cannot do it. My knee-caps have shifted after years of having flat feet, which now causes me pretty much constant pain.

Now I am determined to get my knees back to normal health, working with the physio and starting back at the gym on the equipment I am still allowed to use. My grandmother was bed-ridden after having a stroke in the 70’s so I refuse to give up… I will get there… eventually.


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I worked with a team of peer educators on this project to raise awareness of asylum seekers/refugees.  The young people came up with the original idea of having a series of 3 postcards, as opposed to leaflets or other promotional materials.  The young people designed some postcards, but due to the sensitivity of the work unfortunately their facts could not be verified and they did not have access to the Red Cross image library at school.  Therefore, I ended up drafting these designs myself, which were then approved by the peer educators concerned.  Fortunately, they really liked them.  I hope you do, let me know what you think.

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A plan??

I’ve just written a comment on my lovely friend Simone’s blog telling her to get a plan if she wants to fulfil her dream of visiting Columbia… then realised I no longer have a plan myself… I used to, I think. When I left Wales and moved to University I had a clear plan. I saw my degree as an investment in myself and my future, photography was not the cheapest course to study and I had no money… but I was determined and I did it, got a good degree and even went straight into quite a well paid job as a community artist when I graduated, which was an achievement. I wanted to make films, which the artist job did allow me to do, I made 2 short films to encourage young fathers to take responsibility for their children. I have won awards, if only small ones, but that can’t be bad can it??

I have been distracted over the last 7 years or so, because I also enjoy my current line of work very much… educating young people on humanitarian issues, encouraging young people to volunteer for Red Cross and take positive action in their communities… it feels important, it feels right! Yet I have allowed my creative streak to lie dormant and not used it at all until this year… designing a series of postcards for the British Red Cross awakened the old me, even though I hadnt taken the photographs that we used, bringing it all together felt great!

So now I need a new plan, combining the old one with the present… the obvious answer is to make films about Red Cross… but I have to be careful not to allow my work targets to faulter while I go off on a crazy film-making mission… haha, my boss would not approve… if anyone has any ideas, please let me know xxx

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I’m getting to grips with wordpress now, just wondering if there is a way of removing the blogroll links from the right hand side of my page? I don’t really have time to investigate at the moment because I have approximately 20 mins to straighten my hair before I go out for a meal with my local Labour party friends… looking forward to it, will let you know how it goes 🙂

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I’ve never really kept a blog before, but wanted to learn more about it, so I thought I would try this!  My header photo was taken by me on a recent visit to Solferino in Italy, where I volunteered for the Italian Red Cross for a week, helping with a camp there… not sure if it works as a header… what do you think?

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