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Please answer this poll before you read my blog entry below:  

Creativity is something we all have, whether we are aware of it is another thing. Expressing ourselves is something we all do, every day of our lives… we all fill out random forms, make choices about whether to do the ironing right now or not, choosing whether to shop here or there and what items we buy… then whether to put our small change in the charity collection box they hold on the till.

These, however small and apparently mundane are what keep us sane… that freedom to choose is something we all take forgranted and think very little of… I do too, I’ll admit it. Yet, without these choices, the need for expression is then oppressed in individuals until, like the rumblings of a volcano, their emotions can erupt… and can lead to those violent acts we have all become immune to on the TV news. Imagine having no choice, about anything, everything you have to do is dictated by a need for survival… so, although it may seem hard, we should not be so quick to judge if people take action violently. They may not believe they have any other way out.

These ramblings are inspired by a documentary I watched yesterday, which is a film of hope and inspiration. One which shows us it is possible for a person to express themselves, even in the most dire of circumstances… it shows us the fabulous way in which a group of artists have chosen to express themselves. Imagine a world where everyone is encouraged to express how they feel in this way, however much money they happen to have or earn, or regardless of what jobs they may be forced to do. I believe that if all humans had a means to express their feelings and release their tentions in a safe and positive way, we may just see a little less violence in the world… even if it is just a little. Sometimes all people really need, is to be allowed to feel alive… allowed to feel human.

Now, go back to your response to the poll, what was your answer.  Be honest, when we watch refugees fleeing a conflict, people living in extreme poverty or other such individuals on the news… do you ask yourself what music they may like to listen to?  Or, I wonder if they prefer to write or draw?


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