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As today is World Food Day, I’ve decided to write a post as part of blog action day and dedicate it to this worthwhile issue. Here is some information about food instability that may help you understand the problems with food globally.

Lardy, but lovely, Welsh Cakes

The thing about food is, we do not miss it until it is gone. I, like many others, have struggled over the years with my weight, bingeing on fatty or super-sweet, no good for you rubbish, that only adds inches to your size and little nutritional value whatsoever. I also believe that my weight is an insight into my inner wellbeing, nothing to do with size, but I know I often overeat when depressed. This overeating of the wrong foods then feeds my insecurities about the way I look, putting me into the ongoing cycle of thinking I am fat and ugly, which then makes me feel more depressed… leaving the inevitable side effect of eating more to make myself feel better, which then sends me back to the start of the cycle and so on…

I have, over the last year, slowly lost about a stone and a half, maybe 15 KG or so… and I have done this by generally exercising more. I have now finished the councelling I was having, which has helped me to see this ongoing cycle of perpetrating my own low self esteem for what it was. I can now believe in myself in a way I could not do before, which is now allowing me to have an altogether more healthy approach to food. I now enjoy all things about food, choosing all food groups, preparing it, cooking it… although, I still do not cook very much! I now enjoy it more.

This is a blog video from Bodyrock.tv, which is a home workout site that I have now started using, as well as going to the gym. I love how Zuzana is obviously very confident in her appearance, she knows she is sexy and is blatant about it… while at the same time, she has a very nurturing attitude towards new folks who will be watching her videos and are not as fit as she is. I suppose I just like her and the fact that the workouts on there are very short, just maybe 20 mins long, you can do them anytime really.

I have also joined Zumba classes, which is also something I probably would never have had the confidence to do before… or no, not the confidence to do, but I simply would not have done it for fear of getting the steps wrong… well, Zumba is fast, I always get the steps wrong, but now I am fine with it, if I don’t know the steps then I don’t know the steps, we all get it wrong at some point, so why worry about it, its just a bit of fun! For anyone who fancies trying it, but isn’t sure what it’s all about, heres a demo of Zumba… it’s great fun!

So, if you’re at a loose end this World Food Day, you could try to raise awareness of food insecurity with the people you know… and if, like me, you often hate the way you look, then GET OUT THERE AND SHAKE YOUR SEXY BOOTY!!! haha, have a good World Food Day all xxx


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